Breast Cancer Canada
Creative Direction, Content Strategy, UX/UI Design

Breast Cancer Canada, previously known as the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to save lives by advancing breast cancer research, particularly in precision oncology. Over the past thirty years, BCC has made significant strides in improving breast cancer treatment and working towards its elimination. However, despite these accomplishments, the general public hasn't fully recognized their impact, leading to a lack of financial support.

To help people truly appreciate the remarkable progress achieved by BCC, our goal at One Twenty Three West was to not only give the organization a more sophisticated and modern image but also to redefine the perception of "research and researchers" in this field. This effort culminated in a launch campaign focused on generating donations through heartfelt storytelling. We also developed a creative platform designed to endure even after the initial campaign period.

This brand expression was carried over to the website, where we worked to shine a spotlight not only on the research being done but on the personal stories of those who have been affected by breast cancer. 

The UX strategy focused on a smoother path to donation that was supported by a steady steam of content that showed the organization’s continued research and most importantly, progress.

Brand Design    Teresa Tam & Mooren Bofill
Developer    Agency1