Creative Direction, Content Strategy, UX/UI Design

The existing GeoComply brand faced the same problem that many tech companies from the early aughts have been facing. Simply put, the brand came across as overly corporate and distant. It failed to convey the sense of warmth and online security that GeoComply aimed to instill in the digital world. Furthermore, it didn't feel inclusive across industries or attractive to potential employees seeking not just a “tech job”, but a meaningful career where they could truly make a difference.

The new GeoComply identity was crafted to mirror this internal vision and brand essence, even if the external perception hadn't quite caught up yet. Designed with flexibility and modularity in mind, the identity was created to encompass GeoComply's diverse and intricate range of offerings. Utilizing illustrations and icons, the new identity successfully conveys GeoComply's personality while effectively communicating essential information.

Our team worked to extend the brand’s digital language into the digital space, creating a platform that championed both findability and discoverability. The experience became more engaging and became a true expression of GeoComply’s mission and vision, helping boost employees’ pride in the company. It is now an experience that reflects Fast Company’s declaration of GeoComply being the most innovative enterprise company on the planet.

Brand Design    Tim Hoffpauir
Additional Digital Design    Justine Diener
Developer    Martin Blumenfeld