Creative Direction, Strategy, UX/UI Design

To effectively service the needs of newly acquired client Rogers Communications, three WPP agencies (john st., Taxi, and Mindshare) banded together to form a new offshoot agency named Theo. While Theo would leverage some of the existing talent from these agencies, immediately on formation they needed to do a massive hiring push. With that, they needed a formal outward-facing brand that clearly communicated who they are and what they do. I worked with a small core team at john st. to develop this brand from the ground up and launch the website, which would serve as their primary recruiting tool.

Without having any work to show, the website experience focused deeply on storytelling and bringing the audience into the friendly and approachable brand world that we created—one that stood out in landscape of “faceless” or “bold” agencies. 

Additional Creative Direction    Mooren Bofill
Copywriting    Angus Tucker
Illustration    Hiller Goodspeed
Developer    Ahmed Wageh